February 14th, 2017 ()

Recent CHAIN speaking engagements: Dr Judd Walson

Recently, Dr. Judd Walson presented at the “Bench-to-Bedside” Research seminar sponsored by the Department of Pediatrics at Oregon Health & Science University. In his presentation, No Guts, No Glory, The Impact of Environmental Exposure to Pathogens on Global Malnutrition, Dr. Walson
provided an excellent overview of his previous studies examining complex interactions between childhood malnutrition, stunting, and infection. He highlighted that repeated exposure to enteric pathogens increases risk of diarrhea and leads to linear growth faltering. He underscored the contribution of malnutrition to over 50% of under five deaths, and its association with impaired cognitive development, and increased morbidity. While current interventions to normalize linear growth and development are inadequate, there may be interventions involving the gut microbiome that need to be examined. Dr. Walson concluded with an overview of his current projects on community treatment of helminth infections, antibiotic use to prevent post-discharge mortality in hospitalized children, and the CHAIN Cohort. Many thanks to Dr. Christina Lancioni, Uganda CHAIN site Co-Principal Investigator, for the opportunity and for hosting Judd during his visit.


Sub-Study Feature: Enterics

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